M60 – the Montreal 60 Second Film Festival

M60: the Montreal 60 Second Film Festival

Screenings 2013: September 19, 20, 21 and 22. at Cinéma Excentris, 3536, boul. Saint-Laurent (8$ / 9pm)

LAUNCH & REGISTRATION PARTY (July 13th, 2013 at 8PM – SAT) with a special FREE SCREENING of M60′s favourite films from the past five yearsIf you are a registered filmmaker, submission guidelines are here.
Upload your movie here. Deadline is August 16.

Cherished M60ers

I am writing this to you because The M60 Film Fest will be taking the year off. I’m sorry if this has caught people off guard or perhaps angered our diehards but this is the situation. I’m sorry we didn’t manage to come to a decision sooner. Please do not take M60′s name in vain! We are a dedicated group and thus, this decision did not come lightly. We have yet to come to a decision on the future of our little festival and I hope that over the next year we can. I hope that you all will continue to make films and create mini masterpieces, regardless!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions but as of now, I have no definitive answers.

Much love and appreciation for all those many years,
Lily and the M60 gang

Revenge, Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd of Septembre, Cinéma Excentris

Montreal’s littlest film festival returns for a bloody, vindictive, hilarious sixth year, presenting 98 one minute movies on the theme of REVENGE. M60.

Filmmakers who registered in mid-July had one month to complete their films. On the 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd of September, the resulting masterpieces and disasters will be screened at the Cinéma Excentris. All four are identical screenings – every film will be presented on all four nights. This is the biggest and bloodiest M60 ever. We’ve added a fourth night to the festival after selling out all three screenings at last year’s edition: we expect more than a thousand people to turn out for these thrills, and we’re showing more films than we’ve ever shown before.

This is the sixth year for M60, and our least family-friendly. When the theme is REVENGE, the movies are full of thrills, spills, pranks, punishments, doublecrosses and, well… cats. M60 offers a night like nothing else: breathless, hilarious, handmade and vicious.


Hi everyone, we’re days away from the deadline for this year’s M60 film (you have until 11:59 pm on Friday, August 16 to submit your one-minute movie on the theme of Revenge) so we thought we’d offer a little positive reinforcement:

You have plenty of time to make a 60-second movie, and technically it’s easy (see http://m60.ca/make-a-film ), but if you need ideas or motivation, perhaps think of it this way… over the past five years, hundreds of amateur filmmakers like you have created amazing M60 movies on point and shoot cameras, with loose interpretations of the year’s theme, generally at the last minute.

I have a hundred-dollar camera, a vague idea for a Revenge film, and a few days to spring into action. Join me, now is the time… we hope to receive your film this week at http://m60.ca/sign-up-form and look forward to seeing you again at the screenings in September.

Please see the FAQs at http://m60.ca/faq or email us at m60festival@gmail.com with any questions.

2013 Theme: Revenge!

Revenge Poster by Adam Waito

Revenge Poster by Adam Waito

Thank you to everyone who came out to July 13th’s Registration Party at the SAT, enjoyed the screening and who signed up for this year’s festival.

This year’s festival theme has been unveiled as: REVENGE.

Making an M60 film is easy:

  • 60 seconds long
  • on the theme of REVENGE
  • submit by 11:59 pm on Friday, August 16th 2013
Other little bits:
  • Your film should not use copyrighted music, unless you have permission from the artist(s)
  • Your film must not include “credits”

Technical stuff:

Every movie we receive will be shown at the festival screenings, September 19-22. Last year, every showing was sold out! As always, we will be selling tickets in advance and every film will receive one free screening ticket.

Registration Party + free screening (July 13 2013)

We are reaching the BIG leagues this year- we are renting out the SAT (Société des arts technologiques)  for our launch party!

Come to our free Launch & Registration Party to :

  • sign up to make a film for M60 this summer (your one chance!) and find out this year’s secret theme
  • watch our favourite M60 films from the past five years (selected by M60’s team)
  • learn more about the festival and celebrate the new season!

What: M60‘s Launch & Registration Party

When: Saturday, July 13th at 8:00 PM

Where: Société des arts technologies (SAT), 1201 Boulevard Saint Laurent


The party is FREE, registration is FREE, and there are no hidden fees for filmmakers. The festival is open to all Montrealers, regardless of filmmaking experience.

This year’s festival screenings will take place on September 19, 20, 21, and 22nd at Cinéma Excentris.

M60′s premiere night!

Thank you to all those who attended M60 last night! We apologize to the half-dozen of you who were turned away because…


We still have two nights left (14th and 15th of September), so if you want to attend, please come early (box office at the Excentris opens at 8PM; screening at 9PM) or buy tickets online (Excentris or M60 website)

We were also featured in The Montreal Gazette yesterday!

M60 2012 Screenings > September 13-15 at the Excentris

M60, the Montreal 60 Second Film Festival, will take place on September 13, 14 and 15 at the Excentris (3536 boul. St-Laurent).

Come watch the works of more than 80 filmmakers, from first-time auteurs to seasoned Oscar-winners, as they present their one-minute movies on the theme: ”FAUX PAS”.

Screenings begin at 9pm sharp and cost just $8.  They are identical screenings – every film will be presented on all three nights.

Tickets are available at the door! But if you want to pick them up in advance you can do so in person, at the Excentris box office (as of Friday, September 7th), or else via Paypal, at our website: http://m60.ca/screenings/

M60 2012 includes one minute films by: Alastair Mackay, Andrew Mescheder & Wen Zhang, Anna McGarrigle, Anthony Piazza & Anthony Sifoni & Carla Sifoni & Rosalie Pampena, Arizona O’Neill, Ben Lambert, Bernard Roberge, Christina Clark & JoAnne Pearce & Jacqueline Reid, Christine Turek & Rami Absi & Hicham Eid, Clint Earle, Dane Lanken, Daniel Duffy, Daniel Mireault & Marc Roberge, David Eng & Faisal Lutchmedial, David Young, Dawn Cheung, Edmund Nash & Caroline Gauthier, Gail Kenney, Greg Bailey & Mary Perchanok, Hadi Bigdely, Hugo Prévosteau, Jacques E. Bouchard, Jean-François Fortin Tam, Jennifer Pocobene, Jeremy Eliosoff, Jérôme Bretéché, Jerry Gabriel, John F Weldon, John Fretz, Jorge Zavagno, Joshua Budman, Jseb Pluviose, Kandis Friesen, Karina Garcia Casanova & Olivier Alary, Ken McDavitt & Lisa Meuser, Kiera Pannell, Kristen Bowey & Vanessa Bonneau, Laura Knogler & Joel Ryan & Camille Stegen & Marc Tremblay & Ariel Wilson, Le Studio du Plateau, Leo Low, Loren Williams & Randall Finnerty & Erik Shoup, Lorne Budman, Louise Callier, Maiko Ishii, Mallory and Leila Bridgeman, Marc Tremblay & Ghanish Ghoorah & Ariel Wilson, Marcy Stein, Margaret Griffin, Marie-Marguerite Sabongui & Shamil Lallani & Benedict Moran, Marjorie Lemay, Mark Schwartz, Mat Barbeau & Neil Clavin, Mathew Barbeau, Matt Keyes, Matthew Forbes, Matus Racek, Max-David Grinbaud & Gaëlle Komàr, Maya Leighton Champagne & Heather Leighton & Sacha Leighton Champagne & Eloi Champagne, Melanie Lambrick & Sarah Hrdlicka, Michael Pedruski, Natasha St-Jean & Deborah Hayek, Neil Gibb & Kurtulus Yilmaz, Nelak Productions, Nicholas B. York, Nicolas Cliet-Marrel, Omar Majeed, Phillip Mimoso & Wolf Merzbacher & Christina Lazaro, Phyllis Lewis, Robert Mondoux, Robert Shea, Scottmontreal, Shawn McGregor, SophieBrauer & Madleena Larivaara, Studio aWEsome Duff, The Dudes, Thea Metcalfe & Sean Michaels, tristan et michelle, Radu Juster, Uncalled For & Paul Aflalo, Vincent Beauregard-Palardy, Ziyang Yip and Zoï Kilakos.

Deadline to submit a film! August 22nd (extension)

We are extending the deadline to submit a film until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, August 22 (deadline was originally Sunday, August 19).

As you know, there are no fees, judges, jury or prizes for the Montreal 60 Second Film Festival. Every single finished film will be part of the festival, projected on the big screen all three nights at Excentris. And each film receives one free ticket to the screenings!

All the details – and instructions for uploading your film – on our website.



Thank you to everyone who came out to July 19′s extraordinary Registration Party. Hundreds of people turned up at Casa del Popolo for a night of fun, games and M60 excitement.

This year’s festival theme has been unveiled as: FAUX PAS. This is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “an embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation”, but it’s also literally the French for “wrong step”. All of our filmmakers will be making movies based on this theme; but as always, interpret it however you please!

Thank you so much to all the filmmakers who signed up for this year’s festival. You now have one month – until 19 August – to submit your movies to us. Please be sure to follow all the technical requirements on this page, and then you can upload your finished film here. Every movie we receive will be shown at the festival screenings, September 13-15.

We hope to see everyone again for the festival proper at Excentris this fall! Our Screenings page will be updated as tickets go on sale.

Finally, thanks again to everyone who helped make our launch so special: pianist TOM MENNIER, Confabulation storytellers ASAF GERCHAK, MATT GOLDBERG, GERARD HARRIS and LÉA RONDOT, the remarkable CATHERINE KIDD, our basement confessional with Father Mike Mankiw – aka BRYAN WALSH from Montreal Improv. We gave away gorgeous (and hilarious) étiquette cards by Illustrators JAMES BRAITHWAITE, MATT FORSYTHE, MELANIE LAMBRICK, JULIE LEQUIN and EVAN MELNYK, letterpressed by Rebecca Rosen. And thanks to all the volunteers, and everyone who turned out, signed up, hung out or just helped make it a special evening. We’ll see you in September!

M60 launch press coverage : Cult Montreal, Voir, CBC Homerun, Montreal Gazette, Forget the Box.